Terminal Automation System (TAS)


ACTVISION Terminal Automation System (TAS) provides a full suite of automation processes starting from incoming truck and driver security clearance, order processing, truck loading at loading bay and collection of Delivery Receipt/Bill of Laden. The web application enables terminal operator to create order, perform trip planning and printing of reports at ease. With our TAS Mobile Application, the truck loading operation can be performed by scanning of Order Item or Truck Compartment QR Code and acknowlegement of Delivery Receipt by Customer.

Global Procurement System


ACTVISION Global Procurement System (QiProcure) automates the creation of Purchase Requistion (PR) or Buy-Out List (BOL), Request for Quotation (RFQ) and issuance of Purchase Order. An approval workflow can be applied to each of processes with just a click of a button thus eliminating unecessary printing. Combine with RFQ Comparison (side by side) feature, choosing of which Suppliers or Vendors to award can never go wrong with our QiProcure. Customer may also create their own item specification and invite Suppliers to participate in RFQ.

Customer Relationship Management


ACTVISION is partnering with SplendidCRM in providing its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution which is running on Microsoft.NET. SplendidCRM is the clear and obvious choice for companies that prefer Microsoft IIS to Apache and SQL Server to MySQL. We provide all the C# and SQL source code so that the CRM can be deeply integrated into your business. It provides a comprehensive modules ranging from Cases, Contacts, Accounts, Scheduling, Documents and Workflow managements to integration with Accounting system. It is fully customisable and able to integrate with 3rd party Call Centre Computer Telephony Systems.

Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID)


Looking for RFID Solution for your business? ACTVISION provides RFID solution ranging from retail to semiconductor companies. We are able to provided customisation on the RFID tags. With our web enabled Item Tracking and Stock Taking solutions, you will no longer facing issues such as missing and incorrect use of items. Coupled with our RFID Mobile Application, you will be able to save half the amount of time needed to perform stock take. Whether you are palnning to implement a Stock-Taking System, Inventory Control System, Warehouse Management System or Factory Automation System, our RFID Solution can be easily integrated seamlessly.

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